Looking Sexy: Finding a Lingerie that Suits You Best

Baby dolls are short nightgowns that usually have built-in bra cups and loose skirts, and they often come with panties to match. The skirt of the baby doll starts under the bust line and it can extend up to the wearer’s mid-thigh. It is a great choice for most body types whether you’re tall, short, or plus-size.


The camisole is an undergarment that is usually made of cotton, satin, or silk. It is a loose-fitting top that extends to the wearer’s waist. It can be worn over a bra or without it, and it usually has spaghetti straps. The camisole can be worn under your normal clothes or you can wear it as is when you go to sleep. Although camisoles can be considered a bit wholesome, it can definitely be sexy when you know what to do with it.

Garter Belt

The garter belt, or the suspender belt, is worn directly as is. Sexy stockings are attached to the belt via straps. One of the best ways to intensify the overall sexiness of the garter belt is to wear it with a matching bra, or perhaps you can wear other types of sexy tops such as the corset, the basque, or the bustier.

Looking for sexy lingeries can really be fun and exciting, just make sure that you go for something that is comfortable to wear and flattering to your figure at the same time.

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