You should probably buy your next lingerie from Souszy


The Australian retailer has just added Rose & Bare to its lineup.

According to a shockingly large number of press releases that have landed in the FJ inbox this week, lingerie sales are booming right now, with a number of retailers seeing up to a 50% jump in sales.

I guess it makes sense. I’ve not worn pants for the better part of three weeks and I know I’m not alone in this. And just because a strong portion of us are spending the day in our undies, doesn’t mean we’re happy slumming it in our decade-old Bonds. We still want to look nice, you know?

Plus, on a more universal (and scientifically-proven) level, wearing nice lingerie has been shown to boost confidence and mood.

Having established we’re all probably in the market for new underwear on some level, this then poses the question: Where can I buy cool, quality, Australian lingerie?

Might I introduce you to Souszy[1].

The Australian retailer’s name comes from the French word for underwear (sous-vetements), with the platform designated solely to quality intimates – spanning lingerie, underwear, shapewear and sleepwear. Its lineup includes FJ favourites like Nico[2] and Nue Lingerie[3], alongside Souszy’s in-house line that offers a sort of underwear/lingerie hybrid.

Most recently, however, the retailer has welcomed Australian model Natalie Roser’s label to the platform, Rose & Bare[4].

It’s undoubtedly a win for Souszy. It will be the first major reseller of Rose & Bare, which has been developed to match a range of skin tones beyond the pale taupe tones fashion has traditionally considered ‘nude’. Instead, it extends the definition of nude-coloured lingerie to something more inclusive.

The aim is to provide women and non binary people with more options to suit their own bodies, so they can feel both supported and considered – as they should.

Unlike other nude underwear sets (that can feel overwhelmingly like they belong in your nanna’s drawers), Rose & Bare’s underwear is also a little bit sexy? Roser has been clever in using slim lines and little details to elevate otherwise simple shapes.

“These sets are practical and perfect, something Australian women will love,” said founder Laura Di Bartolo in a press release.

Explore Souszy and shop Rose & Bare here[5].[6]


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